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This page is dedicated to providing online resources related to writing, debugging, and deploying programs written in the C++ programming language.

C++ is not the best tool for every job, but it is the best tool for many jobs. In addition, the C++ language has continued to grow in popularity among many segments of both academia and industry. Hopefully, this site will be able to provide many insights into the language that will help you become a better programmer in general, and a much better C++ programmer, specifically.

The site was first published in December 2003, and is currently maintained, as a hobby, by a single individual. Thus, updates will be infrequent, especially at the beginning. Hopefully, as time goes by, the content will expand in both breadth and depth, and in time will become a great online resource for C++ programmers.

For now, however, all I can offer is some links to my favorite places on the web. I am taking a couple weeks off at Christmas, and I hope to get a fair amount of time to play around with the site at that time. Until then, you should be able to occupy your curiosity with the content at the links provided here.

  A Good Start  Links to some C/C++ sites  
W. Richard Stevens' Home Page
The homepage of the late master himself. Here you will find links to all his books (APUE and UNP are must reads), along with some other papers, information and source codes. Steven's books and papers are invaluable if you do any network programming or UNIX programming.
Distributed Object Computing (DOC) Group
The DOC Group is responsible for one of the very best open source projects in existence. ACE is a collection of C++ wrappers, and other handy classes for doing just about every OS level operation available, and it is portable across just about every platform in use today. After using if for many years, I do not even consider writing network based code without using ACE.
TAO (The ACE ORB) is an implementation of CORBA, based on ACE.
A great development site, hosted by Harold Howe, which focuses on writing libraries and applications with Borland C++Builder (my current compiler of choice on MS-Windows).
Doxygen is far and away the best documentation tool I have ever used. It creates documentation straight from your source code, and converts it into HTML/TeX, or just about any other format you could want.
Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage
The home page for the creator of C++.
  Behind the Curtain  Who am I?  

My name is Jody Hagins. I have spent the last 20 years or so developing C/C++ code for various purposes. I received a B.S. in both Mathematics and Computer Science from The University of South Carolina and a M.S. in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from Vanderbilt University.

After graduation from Vandy, I went to work for Data General, where I worked in the UNIX kernel development group: oh man, what a cool experience. I then moved to Orlando, FL (my wife's home) and worked in the telecom industry for the next six or seven years. At the time, the company was named Siemens Stromberg-Carlson, but the name has changed several times over the past five or six years, and is currently Siemens ICN. I also spent a year at a telecom startup, but hated everything about the experience, and do not wish to remember more (plus, they have since disappeared).

I moved back to South Carolina because my mother's health was failing, and landed a peach of a job at Automated Trading Desk, where I am Vice President, Predictive Technologies. Since being here, I have done everything imaginable from building a distributed electronic trading infrastructure, to price prediction engines, to automated trading models, and everything in between. What a ride!

Obviously, I do not update this site very frequently. I had hoped to do so, but life interfered. Anyway, I am no longer with ATD. I left shortly afer a large company bought ATD, and my best official comment is that I did not like the result.

As you will notice, I do not claim to have any expertise with HTML or pretty web pages in general. Anything resembling good tase is due to the format I copied from www.vim.org.

If you have questions or remarks about this site, you can send email to my firstname at this domain. Sorry, no link because there is already too much SPAM in my inbox. Powered by Vim

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